Terms and Condition


Mizones is an exclusive club for businesses, charities and individuals to receive discounted gifts and services and other benefits whilst helping various charities with their fund raising.

The purpose of Mizones is to allow members to promote their goods and services and events to the communities and networks created by its members.

When booking an offer, event or services, a unique offer code will be sent along with the suppliers contact details. The supplier is sent the same code to verify the purchase.

There are several levels of membership to the Mizones Club:
Individuals for £4.99 payment they receive the Mizones Club membership key fob and the opportunity to purchase services;Individuals for £9.99 payment they receive the Mizones Club membership key fob and the opportunity to purchase services and also the chance to collect commission for any people or businesses that they introduce and become members of the club;

Businesses for £39.99 payment will have the chance to build their own page on the Mizones.com website and individual talking head video can be added to their sites for a fee of £75. Mizones can build your company page on Mizones.com should you so wish for a fee of £100 as well as add events or offers for a fee of £10 for each one. Refunds for a monthly or annual membership will not be given under any circumstances as the business will benefit from enhance SEO whilst on the website and benefits from a discounted rate if they chose to make the annual payment. This will allow members to add their offers and events and link with other members.

Charities and Schools can join as members and benefit from all of the offers and services for no subscription fee.
All members must be over the age of 18 to use the Mizones services or offers.
All offers, events and services must comply with the professional standards required by all Mizones members. 

A subscription fee is payable on the 1st day of each month and should be paid by standing order or direct debit to:
            Mizones Business Account

            Account number:  93981282

            Sort code:              20-54-25

Failure to pay the subscription will result in the members account being frozen until payment is received and could result in the termination of membership.
The subscription fee will be reviewed annually, and all members will receive at least six weeks’ notice.
The commission will be paid monthly to members on 25th of each month starting with the month following the sign-up, although any member who terminates their membership or fails to pay the subscription will no longer be entitled to commission payments.

The Platform
The Mizones Platform is where the offers are made and accepted and where members get to display their wares.
Each member is legally responsible for all of their information placed on the platform and no members are entitled to alter or interfere with the information provided by other members.
Mizones have the overall control of the Platform and can improve or discontinue any aspect of the platform at its discretion.
Any infringement of Mizones trademark or copyright information provided on the Platform will be contested should such an infringement occur.

Legal matters
Mizones are not responsible for the offers made by its members and any problems that arise must be taken up with the business or person making the offer.
Mizones are not responsible for any liability or loss caused by an event or service and any problems that arise must be taken up with the business or person making the offer.
Mizones retain the right to modify, suspend or terminate any account or access to the Mizones Platform at its sole discretion.
Mizones retain the right to modify or change any content posted on its platform at its sole discretion.
Mizones will protect all of its member's data in compliance with the law at all times. Members are responsible for their own data insofar as they pass it to any third parties.
Members are responsible for the offers made and are legally responsible for them. Mizones cannot be responsible for any offer from any member.

All members release Mizones, its officers and directors, shareholders, agents and employees from all claims and demands arising or in connection with any other members of the Mizones Club and members agree to indemnify Mizones for any costs or losses that may be incurred by the member commencing any legal action. The governing law for any disagreement with Mizones is the Law of England and Wales and this is the sole jurisdiction in which to make any claims.

Any dispute with Mizones or with any members of the Mizones Club should first seek resolution by mediation before any further action is taken.

Failure to comply with any of the rules of the club will result in the individual, business, charity or school forfeiting their memberships and all of the benefits related therein.

Mizones retain the right to remove any members who fail to provide the services promised in their offers.

Mizones retain the right to alter or change these rules should it be necessary to do so.


If you have any question for Mizones please contact us.

Call Mizones: 01622 726 716