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...the inspired choice is a digital evolution turning social media on its head as it focuses on the business, charity and school rather than the individuals and is completely free to charities and schools.

Business, charity and school profiles are consumer-facing with genuine backlinks to their websites and social media platforms, as well as keyword descriptions and an optional talking head video. Companies, charities and schools are able to offer multiple deals in various zones which highlight their goods, events and services to users as well as provide links from their page on to the businesses they partner or have synergy with. Each offer/event will lead to a keyword content-rich landing page which will highlight the specifics of the service provided and be highly ranked on google and other search engines.

Consumers have a hidden profile where they can view the deals they have booked, create their own free community events, view their cash rewards and follow businesses they want to use on a regular basis. Contact Mizones

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With your membership, you get a Keyfob

The keyfob gives you access to lots of walk-in deals so that you do not always have to rely on the internet to benefit from your Mizones membership.  Businesses, charities and schools who take advantage of this opportunity will be given a window sticker and other promotional material to ensure members can find them.

How Mizones work with people and businesses

Mizone Individual

Individuals save money on a range of goods, services and events.  When making a booking the purchaser is agreeing to Mizones passing on their contact information to the supplier/ service provider.  It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to then contact the supplier to complete the booking.

You can choose to earn a residual income by signing up businesses you know, like and trust in your local area to offer discounts and or added value to Mizones members.

Individuals receive a full profile page which is hidden from public view where they can 

Edit their contact details

View their unique /introducer/membership code 

View the discounts/events/ services they have booked

Choose to follow businesses they may wish to use in the future or see what offers the business has 

Create a free event

Mizone Businesses

Mizones give businesses the opportunity to promote their goods and services to other businesses and to the general public.  The offers they promote on the site will determine which type of client they attract. Once a deal is booked it is a genuine opportunity to do business as both the buyer and the supplier are given each others contact details.

Businesses who pay the £39.99 have access to all of the website enabling them to 

Build their own editable page on the website with a full business overview, upload a video, logo and image genuine backlinks to their business website and social media pages

Create a landing page for offer and or event they wish to submit for approval.

Choose businesses to link to from their company page that they work or have synergy with

View and edit their landing pages

View the cashback earnt from people and businesses who have joined quoting their unique code

Mizone Charities

Mizones is a new, completely free, social media fundraising platform for charities and schools. Charities will be able to promote goods, events and services, advertise for volunteers, educate people and businesses on their purpose and create an additional regular monthly revenue stream.

Charities/ Schools, who have a free membership, have access to all of the website enabling them to 

Build their editable own page on the website with a full overview, upload a video, genuine backlinks to their website and social media pages 

Choose businesses to link to from their company page that they work or have synergy with

View the cashback earnt from people and businesses who have joined quoting their unique code

Add or change businesses they wish to promote on their charities consumer-facing page

Mizone member reviews...

Tim Dawson

Mizones is going to be a fantastic new tool for my business and a great way for me to introduce clients to an effective marketing strategy to support their new website. For a years advertising its not a bad deal.

Tim DawsonZoo Design

Chris Endersby

Print materials are still an important tool for businesses to promote their goods and services. How would restaurants and hotels easily show clients their menu or families provide invitations to parties and weddings? Mizones will help us share all of our services to a range of markets by placing an offer in the appropriate zone.

Chris EndersbyGrammer Printers

Sue Lee

Hypnotherapy is now considered an important holistic therapy for many ailments. Whether someone has a fear of flying or needs the confidence to stand and speak at the company conference Sue can promote her various services in the relevant zone so that clients can find the service they need

Sue LeeSue Lee Hypnotherapy

If you have any question for Mizones please contact us.

Call Mizones: 01622 726 716